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UAE Golden VISA Granted to Dr. Javairia Hassan for Pandemic Work

Javairia Hassan, the Pakistani doctor who worked as a physician in Covid intensive care has been granted a golden Visa for her amazing contribution to this pandemic situation. She worked really hard and saved many lives. She has received the Golden Visa in recognition of her dedicated services. She also highlighted her tough routine that she worked 15-20 hours shifts four times a week. She believed that it was her duty to serve in this intense situation. She was also the part of Sinopharm vaccine campaign, providing her persistent support for the U.A.E. in stimulating times.

“That was one of the most difficult parts because my son was very young when the pandemic started, so I was gone most of the time,” she said.

A vault rundowns a huge number of experts, cleaners, attendants, police, volunteers, disinfection staff, and other fundamental wellbeing specialist organizations.

Specialists in the UAE meet all requirements for the brilliant visa, which gives long-haul residency in the nation, just as researchers and Ph.D. holders.

In a new declaration, the UAE spread out an arrangement to give 100,000 brilliant visas to the world’s best coders.

When she was asked about how she feels about this award, she replied: 

“Being awarded the 10-year visa makes me feel appreciated and it’s a great way to reward the healthcare workers who have been working tirelessly since the pandemic started, who have been in the medical field for eight years and holds a practicing license from Pakistan, England, and the UAE”.

The UAE government continues to endorse talented and hard working professionals by granting them the UAE Golden Visa.


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