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Juice Therapy – Great Detoxification of Your Body

Juice therapy or organic juice cleansing is known as the most natural way of curing your multiple deceases without any side-effect. It is all connected with your state of mind, wellbeing, cleansing and restoration of body functioning. It uses fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs to regulate your body nutrition requirements. These juices do remarkable for detoxification, anti-aging, skin diseases, immune system, strong metabolism energy boosting and weight loss.

For better results you are recommended to have quality food, proper sleep, physical exercise. Here you will find out the best juice recipe to cleanse your body.

For detoxification of body:

This juice is made up of organic raw vegetables loaded with full of antioxidants.

  • 2 Apples (detoxification)
  • 2 carrots (antioxidant)
  • 1cm ginger (wake you up)
  • 2beetroot (to eliminate stomach acidity)

For relaxation of mind and body:

A perfect combination of vitamin C and sugar based fruits which relax your mind and body.

  • 2 apples (detoxification)
  • 5 slices of pineapple (vitamin c)
  • 6 leaves mint (reduce inflammation)
  • 2 tea spoon lime

For high blood pressure:

The juice which control your high blood pressure by three excellent ingredients.

  • 2 teaspoon Lime juice
  • 1 cup Grapes
  • 2 Carrots

For weight loss:

In today’s era, healthy weight loss is a massive discussion. All of you has a dream to look younger, fit and healthier altogether. This juice also heels joint pain.

  • 2 teaspoon Lemon juice
  • 2 apples (for sweetness)
  • 2 inches’ ginger stalk (helps in digestion)
  • Pinch of cayenne pepper (burn calories)
  • Pinch of Turmeric (for joint pain)

For regulating balance of body temperature:

A true probiotic juice which helps you in Gut health and healthy weight loss.

  • Kale (calm inflammation)
  • Lettuce (healthy kidney functioning)
  • Spinach (help in digestion)
  • Parsley for (strong immune system)
  • Celery (regulate body temperature)
  • Cucumber (for urinary system)
  • Apple (for detoxification)
  • Lemon (weight control)

For hydration:

A very strong detox fruit that helps in hydrating your body in summers. It also works as an energizer when combine with vitamin C.

  • 2 cups of watermelon
  • 1 lime
  • 10 mint leaves
For protein balance:

This juice is full of nutrition, non-dairy, gluten free and an improved version of vanilla protein shake. It is best for your pre and post workout routine protein shake. It contains:

  • Almonds half bowl
  • Cashews half bowl
  • Himalayan salt as per required.
  • Vanilla
  • Dates 3

Lemon juice therapy:

Lemon juice therapy is specifically for the digestion and kidney stones related issues. Citric acid is the most powerful ingredient of lemon juice, having anti-bacterial properties.

It is also very effective for your hair related issues like dandruff and roughness. It’s anti-oxidant properties help to cure cancer disease.

Tips for the juice therapy:

  • You can continue juice therapy for 3, 5, 7 11 and 14 days. but it is recommended to start with 3 days.
  • Take 6 juices a day.
  • Always beware about your allergies for food items
  • Use 500 ml of juice for one-time meal replacement.
  • After the therapy, take light food diet for next 3 days.
  • Add more fruits, vegetables and nuts in your diet.
  • Make sure that all fruits and vegetables are fresh and organic.

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