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Interview with Dr. Shivani Khamitkar Sharma

Top Homeopathic Doctor Shares Health Hacks

Dr. Shivani Khamitkar Sharma is a Homeopathy Practitioner at C37, DHCC and Glasgow Medical Center, Jumeirah. Much revered and looked up to by her patients, she has over thirteen years of experience in Dubai. She has completed BHMS from Maharashtra University of health sciences, India. There is no doubt that her profession is her passion as she is self-driven, motivated, organized, enthusiastic and willing to learn the new system.

Well-trained and experienced in treating patients with German medicines, she has successfully treated and managed patients with skin allergies, autoimmune conditions, respiratory, Premenopausal, post-menopausal, anxiety issues, fatigue, mental health, post -partum issues, gut health and more.

What are common health problems:

Dr. Shivani says, the most common health challenge for women in the present times pertains to mental health. I have observed that stress has amplified due to a fast changing in lifestyle. Women are overlooking the importance of physical and mental well-being. Due to this, autoimmune conditions are rising at a very young age. I recommend women to balance their life for healthy and happy life.

Women experience intense emotional breakdown very often and I see the reason behind this is the load of their responsibilities.

I recommend women to balance out their emotions, live happily and relax more. Every woman shall prioritize health and exercise consciously to acknowledge and deal with negative emotions for stable emotional and mental health.

Dr. Shivani’s Achievements:

Dr. Shivani has been awarded the 10th International women’ day excellence award in 2012. She has been recognized with an award for Evidence Clinical Practice at Arab Health in 2013. She has able been honored with an award for Evidence Clinical Practice in 2015 by Lotus Medical Center Abu Dhabi. Apart from these awards and recognition she has been conducting education workshops in her field. She has conducted a successful workshop in 2015 about International Family Medicine in Dubai. She has also trained DHU Germany in Pharmacology.

Dr Shivani says, “In coming 5 years, I see myself working on GIRL POWER. I want to contribute to the growth and success of women, master and open a path for women to balance their work and home life. I wish to witness happiness and growth of myself and my friends. I would like to develop leadership skills further, to take more responsibility and show a path of independence for the new and the young”.

Her Message for the Readers:

“While Society has slowly come to accept woman empowerment, there are still some who resist and suppress the change in society, as women we must be the change we want to see in society. Our empowerment is our chance for greater acceptance and change”.

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