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How to lose weight without exercise

Exercising and dieting are two of the most common ways that people use to lose weight. Exercising is usually touted as the best method to lose weight because it is natural and also allows you to burn more calories. By burning more calories, it means you are losing more kilos in the process. That said, losing weight is not only just tied to exercising and dieting, there are other ways that you can lose weight fast without exercise.

Let us now take a detailed look into some ways that you can lose weight without having to exercise at all.

Use a smaller plate to serve your food

When you serve food in smaller plate, to you I will look as if the food you have just served yourself is too much. In the real sense the smaller the plate the less food intake for you. You can use this method to serve less healthy food that contains more calories. For foods that are healthy, you can use a larger plate to allow you to eat more of healthy foods. This method has greatly helped people reduce their weight seamlessly. It is one of the best natural weight loss tips not known to many people but very healthy.

Take in more food rich in proteins

It is no secret that proteins have a profound effect on appetite. Proteins increase the feeling of fullness in people thus reducing hunger craving. The less food you take, the less calories consumed thus you will be able to effectively shed some weight. To start you can eat protein foods such as chicken breasts, lentils, quinoa, Greek yoghurt and almonds.

Stress and anxiety symptoms can greatly work to increase your weight, however, what better way for you to reduce that weight then with taking proteins that are healthy?!

Drink water regularly

Stress at work is yet another cause of weight gain, and for some people when they are stressed they tend to eat more. You can go about this by always ensuring that you have a glass of water before you start eating. This can help to ensure to make you feel full and you will therefore eat less food.

Get sufficient sleep and avoid stress

A good weight loss program is one that also advices the users to get sufficient sleep and rest to have healthy weight. Research has it that lack of sleep and stress affect appetite and weight gain. Lack of quality sleep usually disrupts the appetite-regulating hormones known as ghrelin and leptin whilst increasing the stress causing hormone cortisol. A disruption of these hormones can increase a person’s hunger and food cravings something that leads to a higher calorie intake.

Getting sufficient sleep can also go a long way in ensuring that you avoid anxiety and depression. Lack of sleep has been blamed to be a contributing factor in unprecedented worsening depression and anxiety which may also cause weight gain.

Reduce the food portions you take

You can also reduce weight by reducing the food portions that you take. You can achieve these by taking small servings of food compared to what you used to take before. With time you will get used to taking less food and thus less calories.

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