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A Self-Care Guide for your Cycle

You might think your hormones as a liability but they are not, instead they are an asset to you. But it is only possible when you know clearly how to care and feed them. Eventually you will be able to overcome the symptoms, escape endocrine issues and exploit on the chemistry of your body to feel, look and do the best of you. It only takes a bit of practice and following a system called cycle-syncing. This system regulates the hormonal fluctuations of our body and makes it function appropriately during the cycle. It helps us to cop up with our lifestyle by understanding the wants and needs of our body.

In this era of women empowerment, women have to work in unfavorable conditions to prove themselves strong and for that purpose you should be well aware of some strategies which will help you out to manage your mood swings and cramps at work because at this time of month the hormone level reduce to the lowest concentrations. Here are some hacks about how to care for yourself during your cycle.

  1. Set a purpose

You should set a purpose this week, listen and honor your inner voice and intuition. At this phase of time your left and right hemisphere of your brain are communicating at an extreme level. So this is a golden time for you to utilize such awareness for your benefit: it could be the best time for your soul to navigate your decisions. Make a wish list write every single thing that you desire and how things are working in your life.by penning down your desires and accomplishments you will be clearer about your future goals.

  1. Eat healthy

It is very important for you to take care of your diet during your cycle. Load yourself up with food rich with nutrients. This clearly means that you have to intake a lot of healthy fats and proteins. In addition to the nutrients you also have to eat a good proportion of low glycemic index veggies so that your blood sugar level stays stable. These index veggies are a source of antioxidants and fibers keeping the metabolism of your body normal. When you are bleeding during your cycle you are also losing zinc and iron so it is really important for you to re-mineralize your body with sufficient intake of healthy food.


  1. Swap cardio for a slow burn

Here is one conventional characteristic that is stimulated by the truth: You are expected to sense tiredness during the week of cycle. Since the level of your hormones decline, as well as your energy do not panic, it is totally usual. At this phase of month you should not push yourself for any hard exercises, running or skipping instead you should go for yin yoga, walking and Kundalini. Put yourself at some ease and relax. This will bring not only to your body but to your mind as well.

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