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8 Things Nobody Told You About Overcoming Stress

A looming deadline puts you under intense pressure to the point you even doubt the quality of your work. Stress is overwhelming and makes a huge impact on a woman’s life but how she uses her stress management skills to deal with it makes a difference. Let’s dig a little deeper into how certain scientific strategies help in defeating stress when it happens.

  1. Do you have compassion for self?

You need to understand and be kind to self. You will be less depressed and much happier when compassionate about yourself. When you are hard on yourself to perform it can work against you. Accept that humans err and give self a break.

  1. Look at your work in terms of progress

If you worry about your ability you start to fail. One of the best stress management skills is comparing how well you did today with yesterday. A woman should think about how she can learn and improve then accept that she made some mistakes the only way she will experience less stress. Focus your ability on learning new things.

  1. What about the progress you have already achieved?

Are you closing the gap between where you were yesterday and today? Take a moment and reflect on what you have achieved so far then you can turn your attention to the challenges that are ahead of you.

  1. Is optimism working for you?

Staying positive is right for everyone. Maximize on the gains and evade missed opportunities. A woman should hang on what she has got. People work so differently to achieve the same goal. Believing that everything will work out makes you stay positive.

  1. Having a positive self-talk

How do you keep a cool head when the deadline is fast approaching? Positive self-talk boosts your confidence. It is an inner voice that tells you to keep your head cool when the deadline approaches. By challenging the negative thoughts you are able to maneuver tough situations.

  1. Making routines

Every day you have to make decisions in your life that creates mental tension. In fact, choosing what to prepare for a meal can be a daunting task that causes decision fatigue. A simple routine reduces the stress you experience daily. The secret to former US president Obama getting things done is always wearing black and grey suits. He doesn’t want to make decisions about what he is wearing. He removes what causes stress from his day-to-day routine and concentrates his decision making energy on more important aspects of his life. Did you know that grocery shopping exhausts?

  1. Take time and do something that interests you

According to researchers doing something that interests you helps replenish your energy. Something interesting may not necessarily be pleasant, relaxing or fun. Having lunch break might be relaxing but the food may be unpleasant.

  1. Stress management techniques

A little yoga can minimize stress and increase a woman’s productivity. Useful yoga techniques like mental imagery, meditation, stretching and controlled breathing relieve stress. All you have to do is watch some fascinating YouTube videos online. Look at a few of the sample of yoga exercises.

By and large, a woman is socialized to take care of others. Despite having a career outside the home a woman tries to juggle her traditional responsibilities after working hours. At work, she tries to meet the “male standard”. She spends less time on stress management activities to care for her own emotional and physical necessities.

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