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7 Ways to unwind

Relaxing after a losing stressful day is important. It helps you focus better, think more clearly and work smarter. Unwinding can be relative because most people think that it needs that extra coin or in some cases needs you to spend a lot of money. This is not always the case.  When you think about relaxing, consider the different things you love to do and make you feel relaxed. This can be having friends over for a meal, enjoying an old movie and in some cases spending time with your loved ones. Depending on how stressful your job is, here are few things to consider:

Stepping out of your Comfort zone

By taking the initiative to redirect you energy to something new, all your senses are heightened and as  your interest is directed at the new task. Stepping out of your comfort zone does not necessarily mean changing your lifestyle. It could mean trying out new things and hobbies. This involves learning how to play new games, attending a pottery class or even gardening. Anything that will take out your mind from the daily life’s stress is bound to relax your body.

Nature walks

There’s something about breathing in fresh country air that comforts your nerves. Going on hikes, picnics or even visiting the zoo will relax your body. Appreciating nature and all it beholds will definitely help you unwind.

Read a book

When was the last time you read a book? Most people who lead busy lives barely have time to flip through a page. Reading a book expands your creative skills, allowing you think beyond your limits. Moreover, it improves your grammar and helps you learn new words.

Catch up with Friends

There lies outside work. Taking time to catch up with old friends will take your mind off your busy schedule. It will also bring you new ideas to implement in your day to day activities, giving you a chance to expand your social connection.

The Spa

There is nothing as relaxing as visiting the spa. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be an everyday treat, you can making it a point to relax once a month. Your body needs extra care for you to be able to function without hindrance. The spa includes massages, mud baths and general body pampering that will make you feel special.


Working Out

Contrary to popular belief, working out can actually be relaxing. When your mind is focused on burning the extra calories, sweating profusely is your likely measure of work done. After this, your body and mind need a break for both to relax. Try hitting the gum for an hour after work and you will be amazed at how wonderful you will sleep later in the night.

Breathing Exercises

Taking in deep breathes tends to relax you over a period of time.  It’s common to worry about everything and anything with you wanting a better life for yourself. But things can take a toll on your body. Practicing deep breathes allows a good circulation of oxygen to your brain and your entire blood circulatory system.

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