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6 Quick Ways to Boost Energy

Is it difficult leave the bed? Do you hate the call of the alarm? You just do a little bit of work and you feel like you ran a marathon? It’s ok! You are not the only one. There are several women out there who are sailing in the same boat.

Why do you feel tired?

The first thing you need to do is take a look inside yourself. Are you stressed or depressed? Both these conditions can lead you to not sleep well. That itself would make you feel sluggish and tired all the time. The first step here is to acknowledge that depression and seek help. Talk to your doctor and see what you can do about it. After that comes the physical side of the problem. Most women are victims of anemia. And the deficiency of iron or anemia can lead to fatigue. Even low levels of thyroid can lead to weight gain, tiredness and so on. These days wrong lifestyles, menstrual problems and age is making thyroid disorders in women quite a common issue. Other serious problems like heart diseases, hepatitis, diabetes, obesity, sleep apnea and chronic fatigue syndrome can also cause similar problems.

Another problem that some women face is the issue of weight. After having children and becoming busy in their routine lives, you just tend to let yourselves go. You do not give attention to your physical self, your own needs. This race with the family, kids and work eventually catches up and can lead to extreme fatigue and disinterest.

How to boost your energy levels immediately?

Now, enough of these depressing topics! Let us talk about how we can solve this issue and find a new us. The first step would be to acknowledge that you have a problem and make a determination to get out of this quick sand.

  1. Start the day with a positive feeling – When you get up you ought to make a conscious effort and not give in to that overwhelming feel. When you get up keep a goal for yourself, have a positive thought. “Today I’ll be going through my days schedule over my coffee”. “Today I’ll take the kids for a play date”. Try and focus on something particular and move towards it.

Also the moment you get up, open up the curtains, let in some natural light and ventilation. We understand that temperatures in the UAE can be a little unfriendly. But think of the sun as your friend at least the first thing in the morning. It’ll wake up your body clock and that can energize you physically and mentally.

  1. morning exercise 264x300 - 6 Quick Ways to Boost EnergyMorning work-out – Once you’ve had your dose of sun, it would be a good idea to have at least a small work-out in the morning. It can get you feeling super-productive, can control your anxiety as well as reduce your stress. Try going for a small jog, a walk or if you think that yoga is your cup of tea then that suits too. This would set a positive tone to the whole of your day. Having a work-out before your breakfast can be more productive and instant energy boosting as compared to work-outs done in the evening or late afternoon. In fact for some, evening work outs can hamper their sleep.
  2. Vitamin-D intake – Many women in the UAE suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies. Unfortunately the intense summers make us want to shun the sun and stay indoors as much as we can. But we need to keep in mind that vitamin D is crucial for good health and the stimulation of it can enhance mood and give an immediate boost to energy levels. So give yourself just a few minutes of sun time. This being said, do not go overboard; just 10 to 15 minutes would do and also do ensure that you use a good sunscreen if you plan to overstay your visit to the sun.
  3. Coffee – For all you coffee gals out there, this must certainly be good news. A little bit of coffee can go a long way in giving you the boost you are looking for. Even chocolates can help you in this regard. Dark chocolate is supposed to be healthy too. It’s best to avoid energy drinks. They would give you an immediate boost but bring you down later. But mind you, coffee after 4pm can once again hamper your sleep and that can start the cycle of the fatigue once again.
  4. Right kind of food – This is one statement that we women probably hate. But unfortunately after a certain age we need to start taking care and it is something that needs to be followed. If you are fatigued it could be just because your body is prohealthy food 300x187 - 6 Quick Ways to Boost Energytesting and needs some fuel. Give your body a good combination of carbs and protein. Maybe an apple with some cheese, or a protein bar would help you. The key is to snack in a healthy manner. This being said it is okay to let go once in a while and know your limits. Going through an extremely strict diet can also get you down sometimes.
  5. Get up – If you are a working woman, do not sit continuously in your booth. Take regular breaks and stretch out your body. Get up and take a trip to the water cooler, maybe go up and down the stairs a bit, walk around other cubicles, talk to your colleagues, rather than send the helper you make a trip to the photocopier.

These are just a few tips. Each one of us has different ways of handling our own lives. Only you know what works and what helps you. Good energy levels and positivity can also boost the feeling of well-being. It can change your very perspective of life as it dissolves your anxiety and stress. It leads you to communicate better. When you receive positive levels of energy you tend to send out positive vibes into your surroundings.

Life does tend to catch up and become overwhelming for most of us. But just throwing up our hands and giving up doesn’t help. What you need to do is boost yourself physically, mentally and enhance your quality of life. Good and positive habits which help you boost your energy also elevate your happiness and mood. So stay positive, keep smiling and keep doing that extra bit of your own energy levels!

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