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15 Weight Loss Tips

World becomes a happier place if you are having a healthy mind and body. Our body is a system which can work properly only if it is balanced.  And if you are overweight then it will be really hard to lose your weight if you don’t have any proper guidance. Here we discuss some Weight Loss Tips.

Here are some effective weight loss tips.

  1. Drink lot of water:

Drinking water is the cheapest way to cleanse your body and weight loss. Eight glass of water boost your metabolism, improve digestion system, brighten you clear skin, reverse your aging process, and remove toxins from your body.

It is highly recommended to take warm water in morning and before every meal who want to lose weight.

  1. Go for combination of workouts:

When you aim to lose weight then you should start work out for 45 minutes to continue it for 90 minutes. Add different combination of workouts to get maximum results. You may opt cardio, weight training, swimming, running, platies, yoga, Zumba dancing. Keep changing your exercise routine to get motivated and energetic.

  1. Take coffee and green tea:

Black coffee helps boost metabolism and raise fat burning process up to 20 percent. You can take black coffee as a pre-workout snack.

Green tea is a power antioxidant that helps in lose weight.

  1. Minimize portion size of your meal:

Now you need to control your meal portion. Add a big portion of salads, red beans, leafy vegetables in your lunch and dinner. Cut down junk food as soon as possible.

  1. Try frequent fasting therapy:

Fasting is a great way to bring balance in your weight. Try to fast twice a week. Fasting reduce your calorie intake in a proper manner and a way to boost your metabolism.

  1. Use coconut oil:

Replace your cooking oil with coconut oil as it minimizes your appetite. You can also use one table spoon of coconut oil in your coffee or tea to make it fat-blaster tea.

  1. Consume less defined carbs:

Refined carbs like white sugar, bread, pasts, canned food are a major obstacle to reduce your weight. Try to add organic and raw food item like nuts, fruits, vegetables, salads, juices.

  1. Take healthy snacks in your bag.

Always carry healthy snacks with you to avoid junk food. It may include almonds, dates, oat bars, muesli, coconut snacks.

  1. Pick spices or herbs as food dressing:

Spices and herbs are metabolism boosters. Spices like black pepper, cayenne pepper contains fat burning properties. Avoid cream based dressings.

  1. Eat more fiber:

Consume more fiber especially “Viscous fiber” because they reduce appetite and make you feel full. Oats, flax seeds, asparagus are good sources of viscous fiber.

  1. Chew your food properly:

Chewing the food properly helps in easy digestion. It helps you consume less calories.

  1. Take enough sleep:

Don’t take sleep for granted if you are trying to lose your weight. Less than eight hours’ sleep may disturb your hormones that ultimately slow down your metabolism and increase your stress level.

  1. Avoid smoothies and soft drinks

Soft drinks and smoothies contains a large portion of sugar which ultimately increase your weight instantly.

  1. Don’t go for crash diet:

Do not skip your meal. Go slow when reducing your meal portions. Your body needs carbs, protein, vitamin, iron, calcium altogether. So don’t cut down any of them. Crash diet weakens your muscles and metabolism as it is impossible to continue it for long time.

  1. Manage your stress level:

Stress is making you fat. Believe it or not, but it’s a reality. So keep yourself highly motivated and stress free.

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