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Original Art makes ‘The New Fashion’

It should not be disputed that Suzi Nassif’s paintings classify her as one of the most talented and iconic contemporary artists around the globe.

Suzi has left an impressive mark in various art movements which include Surrealism and contemporary portrait art which is considered the evolution of portraiture through different eras and artistic movements.

An artist’s creativity and expression should belong to or occur at the moment that is considered as the present or as usually put with the trend. (which  defines Contemporary art).

As evident by most movements, artists have adapted to the different societal trends and the new versions of technology which has led to amazing levels of creativity by artists around the globe.

Fashion is considered by many a way to express themselves to the society by creating an imprint of their character.  It helps reveal a lot about a person’s personality just by a simple choice like putting together an outfit.

Over the years, artists have developed their source of creativity such as developing wearable art which is a handmade piece of jewelry and clothing. It is considered as an expressive form of art that is cheap and can be well accessed by anyone even though not a huge fan of art.

As Albert Einstein clearly stated, creativity is intelligence having fun. This quote honestly becomes explained with one look at the creativity expressed in Suzi’s wearable pieces.

The wearable art by Suzi Nassif will remind you that fashion is a beautiful form of art. Her pieces and collections are an honest notification that women are not only beautiful but iconic and should be largely appreciated.  As an icon, Suzi at times wears the pieces so as to create awareness for true beauty.

Teatro de alma collection was launched in November 2019 in Dubai by Suzi Nassif. This collection has awarded Suzi with various features such as A & E-magazine.

As evidenced by critic’s remarks these are some of the best wearable art pieces by Suzzi Nassif:

  • I AM BEAUTIFUL WEARABLE ART: Everyone likes these three words, and with a kimono that reminds you of your love of art then this collection will be amazing for you.

I am Beautiful - Original Art makes 'The New Fashion'

  • DESERT ROSE WEARABLE ART: these pieces present the stylish modern woman and they can be used for various occasions such as weddings, engagements, and dinners. It is also amazingly comfortable in hot weather.

Desert Rose 1 - Original Art makes 'The New Fashion'

  • DALIMORTAL WEARABLE ART: In my view, this is one of the best pieces because it expresses Suzi’s love for Salvador Dali. It is specially designed kimono with his portrait which should be considered an undisputed tribute.

Wearable Art by Suzi Nassif, Dalimortal

Art may be beautiful but is considered as one of the most expensive luxuries that one can afford. Suzi Nassif has been very instrumental in creating a piece of art that can not only be well accessed by everyone but also affordable to everyone. Nassif’s mark in the evolution of portraiture should just be viewed as inspiring and should not be considered as less.

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