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New Wearable Art by Suzi Nassif

Suzi Fadel Nassif is a UAE based artist who has shown over and over again that she can do just about anything on canvas. Having fallen in love with art from the time she was a child growing up in Lebanon, she has since set out to inspire everyone with her colorful eye-catching paintings. Her ability to venture into just about any field she sets her mind to is awe-inspiring. From being a surrealist, a pop art artist to a contemporary portrait artist, this multitalented woman has successfully done it all. Because of her great skill and flexibility, Suzi has made a name for herself in the art world. Although she has achieved success, Suzi Nassif is showing no signs of slowing down. She is yet again pushing boundaries with her art. Venturing outside the world of canvas, the artist has dug her nails into a new avenue, wearable art. With her attention the garments have garnered, Suzi has proven once again to art lovers everywhere that she has earned her place among the greatest artists of the century.

Her Majesty and His Ego Wearable Art by Suzi Nassif

Wearable art also known as art wear or art to wear generally involves creating hand made clothes and jewelry as expressive art. These pieces are individually designed by the artist using techniques such as knitting, sewing, leather tooling among others usually by the use of fibrous materials. Wearable art allows art lovers to make artistic statements through their clothing therefore giving it a more personal touch. This beautiful blend of the visual arts and fashion allows the artist to stay even more connected with her fans. With Suzi always seeking to connect with art lovers, it is no wonder that she would go into wearable art.

While Suzi Nassif paintings have garnered worldwide recognition her wearable art is bound to earn her even more admirers. Having already created a buzz, the amazing colorful kimonos made by Nassif have the same print as her artwork. The contemporary portrait art on the kimonos are among her most iconic works. Through them she shares not only her art with the world but also her sense of style which is just as unique. The kimonos which are made of high quality silk, chiffon and leather trimming come at reasonable prices as is the case with Suzi Nassif paintings. Best of all, the loose fitting kimonos can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes so no one has to miss out. Examples of wearable art by Suzi Nassif include Her Majesty and his ego wearable art, Dalimortal wearable art, Desert Rose wearable art, Destiny of a butterfly wearable art among others.

Although her venture into wearable art is relatively new, Suzi Nassif’s line of kimonos is already a big hit with the art community. These stylish kimonos are only just the beginning of her venture into the field. We can only speculate on what else the artist has planned for us. Judging from her creativity, it will be just as mind boggling.

Her Majesty and His Ego 4 200x300 - New Wearable Art by Suzi Nassif

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