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Must-haves for Summer

Summers in some countries are a treat. However, in the UAE summers start as early as April and can be quite unpleasant at times. In the month of August it can go up to 49° C. After September the weather becomes a little bearable with pleasant winters. But whatever may be the weather, the UAE is still a beautiful and bustling place to be in. Residents and tourists find the UAE a great place to live or visit. Now, as far as the summers are concerned they can also be easily tackled with the right kind of diet, lifestyle and clothes.

What kinds of fabrics are best for the summers?

Most of us in the UAE tend to stay indoors and in controlled temperatures. However, not all are as lucky enough. Thus to stay healthy and to get through the summer without much huff and puff; it is extremely important to wear breathable and light clothes. In summers, it is best to go for light fabrics like cotton, rayon, linen and chambray or denim. All these fabrics keep you cool and dry and do not stick to your body. Linen is very much in fashion these days though it does tend to wrinkle up easily. Denim is also highly breathable though a little heavy as compared to chambray which is just basically imitation denim. Synthetic fabrics or blended fabrics are also pretty good for humid climates for example athletic or sportswear. These can be worn easily and require hardly any maintenance.

Having spoken about what to wear in summers, we suppose we should also talk about what not to wear. Fabrics like nylon, acrylic, vinyl, polyester and fleece are strict no-no’s. They stick to you, are not breathable and sweating in these fabrics makes it extremely uncomfortable and probably even unhealthy for you.

Different kinds of summer clothes –

In this article, we have listed out some great fashion ideas – what you need for your wardrobe and what would look good this summer.

White – White is one color that can never go wrong and probably ‘the’ most perfect for summers. All of us gals must own a white shirt/t-shirt or better yet a white maxi dress. The simplest of shirts paired with a cute skirt or straight fit trousers or denim pants can give you the casual or formal look as you would like. Maxi dresses with a little bit of embroidery or detailing is just apt for the steaming summers. You could keep your shirt fitting or something with maybe some ruffles for that olden days rustic look. Even the large cuffs and collars are back. You can find some lovely tops in Namshi . The Zara collection can never go wrong and they bring in the apt fashion trends for every season . A nice floral maxi casual dress can be found on Noon.

Abayas – When it comes to Abayas there was probably a time when it was considered something plain and simple. But it is no longer the story! From everyday wear to contemporary to occasional wear you get so many varieties even in abayas. From abayas with fancy embellishments to casuals with breathable and interesting textures you can find various varieties here. One doesn’t have to limit themselves to just black too. Here you can find some casual ones which would be perfect for the summer. Hijab house has some great summer offers going on with amazing styles and designs.

Denim Jacket – A denim jacket is also a must have in every women’s wardrobe. This is one versatile piece of clothing which can be paired with almost anything and never ever goes out of fashion. You could wear it with skirts, trousers, with a dressy top inside, plain top, even a maxi dress. A plain jacket or something dressy with embellishments or tassels – get anything that fancies you. These days you can get them in various colors and styles – long, crop and so on. Try Namshi and GAP for some amazing styles.

Swim wear – It is preferable to be a little conservative in the UAE and go with the one piece swimsuit. It never goes out of style and you can get it in different kinds of cuts and styles which would complement your body. Try here for some nice designs. The one piece rash guard is especially comfortable and well liked. You can also find some great styles in Billabong in the Dubai Mall or Sand Dollar at the Palm. You can also pair it with matching sarongs which can be found here or some beach kaftans

Kaftan – Kaftans are a staple dress of the Middle East. Modified to be worn in every kind of season these are loose and yet stylish. In summers they are made of more breathable fabrics like chiffon or cotton. In fact, a mix style of maxi dresses and kaftans goes well for summers. Some casual examples can be found on amazon . Some more formal kaftans can be found on Namshi

Jeans – Jeans is another staple must-have of every woman’s wardrobe. But when we talk about summer it is preferred to go for boyfriend jeans rather than the skinny look. They would be more breathable, loose and comfy. Blue hues are also better than darker or grim wintery looks. Slouch and baggy fits are very much in vogue and can be found on Zara. Get a ripped one and you get the perfect casual attire on Namshi

Shirt Dress – Nothing can be more comfy and yet stylish than a simple shirt dress. It can be made casual or formal. Check mango, they have an amazing collection

Skirt – Did we just forget about the skirt? Mini, midi, maxi anything that is soft, breathable and can be paired with multiple tops is a must-have. Try here and here for some great ideas. Buttoned down and wrap around skirts are very much the ‘in’ thing these days. A denim buttoned down skirt can replace that jean which you take out for every occasion.

If you are the kind who likes to take some effort for your wardrobe, there are several good outlets that bring in seasonal offers and styles. Zara, H & M, Splash, Mango, Next, Gap are just a few names. And then you always have the online way too for convenience sake.

It’s actually amazing to be a woman; so many different styles of dresses for every season. And the best part is that the look can be changed for the same dress depending on how you accessorize it. Sunglasses, handbags, hair dos and footwear – everything can be changed depending on the mood, place and dress to give a completely different look. Follow your heart and please do remember you are beautiful! According to us, confidence and a smile is the first must-have of this summer!

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