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From Tv Presenting to Fashion Designing -Hajra Lalljee

Featuring Famous Fashion Icon Hajra Lalljee

“Renowned for her TV presenting skills, Hajra Lalljee has appeared as the famous face of ARY Digital & Zee TV. She is the face of Denim by HL- a fashion brand celebrating the contemporary woman through fusion designs yet keeps old is gold as its philosophy.”

by Rabi’ah.M

Driven by her prolific talent to constantly churn and produce outstanding work, Hajra Lalljee is no stranger to multitasking. She is a TV presenter, actor, and fashion designer. Hajra expressed her interest in presenting way before she made it on the television. She completed her high school in Dubai where she was appointed as the head girl and multitasked organizing and hosting school events. Her positive energy was soon translated when she hosted the “Voice of the Week” show on HUM FM in Sharjah.

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Having graduated from London, Hajra started off her TV presenting career with ARY DIGITAL where she hosted an array of different shows. She had various opportunities to host independent prominent global fashion events- some included Manish Malhotra and Urmila Matondkar. Fast forward to recent years, Hajra became the face of “Place to Eat” (aired on & TV channel which is a part of the Zee TV family)- a culinary show showcasing fine dining and know to how cooking at the top-notch restaurants in London. She is also currently filming “Hum Masala Guest Chef” (soon to be aired on HUM Masala TV channel).


Her love for fashion stemmed from her childhood which resulted in the form of her clothing brand, “Denim By HL” featuring top range embellished denim jackets, silk blouses and curated to go jewellery. She recently launched her “Reversible Kimono/Open Jackets” collection celebrating the contemporary designs in wearing lightweight embroidered reversible kimonos.

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When you ask Hajra to define herself, she points: “I describe myself as a fun, fearless, loyal, silly, passionate and empathetic individual.” Inspiration wise, Hajra emphasizes “self-inspiration “as the key element: “I believe the self-inspiration ability has helped me since it transforms one from boredom to passionate; from stagnant to active; from discouraged to excited. It does not depend on external support.” As a designer, being true to her designs is what defines her unique selling point, as she notes: “I personally love wearing my designed creations and usually am the first person to style them.”


Considering the cutthroat competition and endless varieties in the fashion industry, how does Hajra perceive it? She points: “Fashion is something people would either love or hate. Through the ages, various fashion styles have come and gone with most of them returning to our clothing stores after a few years. Some people cannot be bothered to keep up with recent trends whilst others simply cannot get enough of the latest styles.” Amongst some of the leading events, she has participated to showcase her Denim brand is the Pakistan Fashion Week London (by Riwayat) in London and Geneva and the Borders Event in London.

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Interestingly, she has also tried her hand at acting in one of HUM’s drama “Nazre Bad” where she plays the role of Anisa Yazdani (a villainess) which became an instant hit. Questioned about her favourite designed outfit, she says: “My embellished denim jacket covered with Swarovski crystals.” Working in the media and creative field can be overwhelming and stressful at times which is why Hajra strongly advocates the concept of “taking breaks when you reach a dead-end” since it helps restore energy and give one the ability to continue their focus.



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