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5 hacks to style your hair without damaging

As we know summer is here–That means it is the time for sizzling barbecues, outdoor shopping, taking your kids to wonderlands and park, and enjoying bright sun on the patio. It is also considered as a good time to offer your hair a short break from the machine heat, meanwhile nature is giving sufficient heat of the natural kind. Hair styling at home is more beneficial than any other styling at saloon.

The professionals here are constantly penetrating for more and efficient ways just for you to give treatment to your marvelous hair with affection, so avoid the blow-dryer, straightener, and even curling iron, now let summertime grant you wavy ,straight, or curly hair naturally. These hacks and tips are amazingly effective director to styling without heat.

Mask for hair. 

First of all mix a single cup of fresh milk with honey (one tablespoon), and then spread over it to all your hair. Let this mixture dry for around one hour, then wash it away. Now let hair air-dry at speed of 60 percent, keep in mind to use the cool module of the blow-dryer to dehydrate the remaining hair. The fusion of honey and milk styles the hair follicles flatter, and consequently way easier them to dry straight.

mask - 5 hacks to style your hair without damaging

Using Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are the hair styling accessories which can help you style your hair in a very effective and less costly way. After taking shower first of all dry your hair with towel and then detangle them with a wide toot comb , using wide tooth comb is very easy to use and cause less hair fall. After combing your hair separate them in to sections along with a side part. Now you have to clip the smaller section at the back, now start up to bobby pinning all the small strands of your hair until or unless they lay flat on to your head. You have to pin up your hair in a circular motion around head unless all of your hair is pinned. Wait for few hours so that the hair dry. Sometimes it is so irritating to wait so it’s better to sleep with the pins covered in a scarf overnight. When you wake up release your hair and take out all of the bobby pins you will notice all of your hair is silky and straight.

Utilize large rollers

Ou should use large rollers (Size of soda cans) at dry hair average 50 percent. You have to make sure to troll large bits and lock them at the end with help of a bobby pin or a clip. For a spare body, troll the hair on the facade or at the top of your cranium. Now wait a couple of hours till hair is completely dry, then relief your hair till it’s crimped.

Hair styling braids.

Just afore the bedtime, shampoo your hair, untangle it with some leave-in conditioner, and then finger comb them. Subsequently, blow-dry the hair on the calmest setting of the blow-dryer with some flattening hair styling crème. If you tend to have some extra volume, blow-dry upside and then down till your hair is 70 percent dry. Next, detached your hair into a couple of segments and braid them firmly on both of the ends. Nap with a satin headscarf on your crown and wake up to naturally wavy, gorgeous hair!

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