The HADARAT GLOBAL BUSINESS INNOVATION LEADERSHIP SUMMIT (HGBIL) is being held for the first time in Dubai this year. It is designed to bring together innovative start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts and ecosystem leaders to discuss business and investment opportunities Internationally.

The Hadarat Global Business Innovation and Leadership Summit is a flagship event orchestrated by Dr. Ahmed Al Shemeili (Chairman Hadarat Global) and Dr. Hawa Charfaray (Group Executive Director Hadarat Global), and its Strategic Awards Partner Woman of Stature Foundation that hails from Johannesburg, South Africa. The theme for this year’s Summit is ”Business Negotiations Beyond Borders.”

”Hadarat Global has transitioned from just a concept into a material organisation over a period of the last three years, and we are very honoured to have our esteemed guests and friends of Hadarat Global join us for our very first Summit. We officially launched Hadarat Global last year, Hadarat means ”Civilization”. We are passionate about weaving together the wisdom of old with vision for the future, and in so doing uplift businesses and communities,” said Dr. Hawa Charfaray, Group Executive Director of Hadarat Global.

This year Hadarat Global intentionally invited a women empowerment organisation to partner with them at the Summit. The Woman of Stature Foundation was formed to address the socio-economic challenges that are prevalent across the world today, by making a valued contribution through development and upliftment of women. The Woman of Stature Foundation believe that women are the cornerstone of society, home-makers, the mothers of future leaders and themselves businesswomen, and without them we will have a fragile community.

Their hope is that the Woman of Stature Global Awards 2022 being hosted in Dubai will inspire women across the world to participate and be acknowledged for their achievements.  Hadarat Global feel that women do so much to impact those around them in a deep and profound way, and to be acknowledged through the Woman of Stature Foundation for the work that they are doing in their industries which is a huge accolade and a wonderful platform for them to not only make their communities more aware of the work that they are doing, but also to get their stories told across the world.

I believe that strong leaders set the standard and should be an example to the people that follow them. I’ve never given up on my dream, I’ve always believed that if I can dream it, I can do it and I’m proving this with strategic partnership formed with Hadarat Global but in particular Dr Hawa Charfaray who has recognised my work in South Africa and affording me the opportunity to take my dream global by hosting the first Woman of Stature Awards on foreign soil and what better place to do this than in Dubai,” said Charlotte du Plessis, CEO and Founder of the Woman of Stature Foundation.

During the Hadarat Global summit there will be an international exchange of ideas and visions shared between investors and invited companies at various levels, start-ups, businessmen and businesswomen, entrepreneurs and the aim is to connect them in meaningful relationships in order that they may benefit from each other’s experiences and resources.

Keynote speakers at the summit include: Mr. Carlos Manuel Da Silva Santos, CEO and President of Ethos Asset Management, an independent company with a global outreach project financing. ”We finance private and government sector projects, crossing continents and in all commercial sectors that are important to society. These include infrastructure, energy and natural resources that result in the economic development of countries,” said Mr. Santos.

Hadarat Global also partnered with RecyclingEnergy International as one of their Lead Partner in Innovation and Technology. This is what Chairman Mr. Carlo Gilardi said, ‘’our main focus as a company is to bring new technologies to the UAE. We are very honoured to have partnered with Hadarat Global as we have a common objective, which is Civilization.’’

‘’Our hearts have always been working with small to mid-sized businesses, small business development and financial literacy education. The Economic Hub is a global initiative to eradicate poverty through the gift of entrepreneurship and through innovation and creativity,” said Dr. Kimberly Grant-Bynoe, CEO and Founder of The Economic Hub, also a keynote speaker at the Hadarat Global Business Innovation Leadership Summit.

The Hadarat Global Business Innovation Leadership Summit is a platform where professionals from all across the world who are determined to do business across borders can meet. There is an opportunity to network whilst also providing learning opportunities and insight into the latest innovations around the world, leadership training and support for entrepreneurs. These will be some of the things discussed over a 5-day programme starting on Monday the 9th to Friday the 13th of May 2022.


The spirit of this Summit is the embodiment of the heart and vision of Founding Member and Chairman of Hadarat Global Dr. Ahmed Al Shemeili who demonstrates pioneering leadership and determination to bring brilliant new ideas to life.



About Hadarat Global

HADARAT GLOBAL is based in the Middle East and footprints in Africa and Eastern Europe. Founding Member and CEO Dr. Ahmed Al Shemeili is an official representative of the UAE in the European Union Regional Secretariat of Centres of Excellence for the CBRN Emergencies and a recipient of many GLOBAL awards in his field of expertise and leadership.


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