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Svetlana Kurchatkina – Passionate about Beauty


Passionate about beauty

With ample experience in beauty, make-up and hairstyling, Svetlana Kurchatkina, a qualified beautician and a former a salon owner in Dubai; she exhibits her sheer excellence, passion, and energy in continuously learning and upgrading her skills to stay abreast of the current competition in the beauty industry.

Words: Rabi’ah.M


The level of competition amongst beauticians and hairdressers in the UAE has been a fierce one based on the outstanding work they have been producing. Having collaborated and worked with various beauticians, Dubai based beautician and hairstylist Svetlana Kurchatkina is passionate about the world of beauty and hairstyling.

makeup 150x150 - Svetlana Kurchatkina - Passionate about BeautySince her childhood, she observed her mother who was a hairdresser’s routine, as she explains: “I would see her wake up every morning and apply makeup. My mother would tell me it’s important to look good even when one is going to the supermarket or even to throw the garbage.” In the current day, when her mother sees her without makeup, she would often point that as a flaw.

She likes to describe her success coming down to people: “I owe my success to people, I love people. When you are having a client and when you directly show them you trust them, you like them and they can start to trust you, the outcome is fruitful which is built on trust, care, and compassion.” Having undertaken various notable beauty and hairstyling courses, competitions and events, she believes it is pivotal to constantly learn new things and stay abreast of the current competition. During November 2018, she had an opportunity to participate in the UAE World Bridal Championship event where her salon bagged the first award for outstanding work.

Svet3 300x225 - Svetlana Kurchatkina - Passionate about BeautyThe way she handles her stress, she never shows her clients she is experiencing stress. However, when she comes home she believes it is her family who is her bedrock: “When I enter the house, I receive hugs and kisses from my family, they tell me they have missed me which gives me a positive and reinvigorating feeling that drives the stress away.” She believes showing stress at work would kill everything.

Creative ideas to pursue her makeup work: “Most of the time, I work with photoshoots and video shoots which provides me with a reasonable idea of the work that needs to be delivered. Sometimes, there is uncertainty for instance when I am about to go to sleep, I wonder what I would do tomorrow. However, when you meet the client you understand their personality and their expectations which helps you understand since it is coming from their heart.”

When working, Svetlana finds it challenging to balance a blend of Eastern and European makeup styles since women in Europe prefer a minimal approach. On the other hand, in Arab culture, women usually apply heavy makeup. Since the UAE is a multicultural society, the reintroduction of the European minimal makeup in the UAE has become popular since European influences are certainly visible in this case.

Svet4 169x300 - Svetlana Kurchatkina - Passionate about BeautyOne may wonder that conducting a beauty business is easy but as Svetlana explains this is not the case: “When I was a beauty salon owner, it was my baby which I took care of. I remember when something very simple was going wrong, it certainly upset me. I was blaming myself and it becomes complex to control everything. By the end, I made a tough decision to close the beauty salon even though this salon certainly taught me many beneficial lessons and new things. It was not an easy task to establish a salon in a country which was new for me back then”

When asked about the first impression of her work, she explains: “When you are doing something by applying makeup on the client, it is the feeling the way the client moves, they behave or before they say anything it is challenging for the beautician to change their mood and to satisfy their expectations. She enjoys providing each service, whether beauty or hair: “When I am doing makeup, I use happy colours, I feel the client’s mood which is important for me to cheer them up through my work and change her mood”


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