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How to GROW from $2 a day to a Multi-Million Business!

Yes time is flying and you are still struggling with the way your life is going. Remember to make things possible you really need to take those giant steps and be bold. Experiments are not bad, they are a source of breakthrough, therefore, you should let your reservation fly off and step into your risk-taker’s zone!

If you look closely at Andrew Carnegie’s life, he started off as a hand-weaver’s son who started off at a weekly salary of $1.20 which helped him make like some $40 of today as a bobbin boy. However, he changed his life and became a millionaire when he took a different decision. What was that different decision? He chose to quit his mundane existence and worked on his maths skills, then he focused on how to improve the telegraph when he worked as a telegraph operator. His curiosity, his passion, and his desire to solve problems pushed him on and he was able to secure his promotion as a secretary of the superintendent of the railway. He studied the pattern of investments and the possibilities for new businesses in this role. His journey was obviously not ending but taking him towards a new goal that could actually leverage wealth and an amazing life for him. When his observation and exposure made him realize America needed an infrastructure overhaul his attention went to steel and there came the idea of the steel mill that laid foundation of success!

Was it an easy journey? Was the solution simple? Was it there right under his nose? Did he give up!

What do you think?

No, it wasn’t! His journey was in no way easy. He started off as a very poor boy but he worked on his STRENGTHS. He never gave up and tried to excel in every situation life brought forward for him! He worked hard and worked smart till his experiences and the wear and tear of life showed him a new way. If you want to leverage on your strengths remember you need to work on them consciously. The best way to work on your strengths is through learning, and what best way is possible than to learn through a mentor and a business coach who would teach you the new practices and will help you develop foresight.

Hiring a business coach can bring forward many possibilities for you as well as your work. Your business coach will help you develop focus and a perspective. You will be able to step out of your comfort zone and will still feel secure because your coach will be there to assist you with hiccups. You know you will not fall if your take the leap because your coach will watch your back. In order to hire your first reliable and experienced business coach in Dubai, visit The CoachLink website because the website has many experienced and skilled coaches. They are just the right fit for everybody who needs to rise and shine. The example of Andrew Carnegie is there to show you how you need to let life guide you and be open to learning. It also shows why you should never give up and learn from experiences. Let your experiences empower you and your business coach guide you towards performance excellence consistently and you will be a millionaire faster than you expect!

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