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Creative Small Business Ideas

There has been a high number of companies during the pandemic that are downsizing or laying off a significant number of hard-working employees. This can be attributed to the economic decline that has been brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our heartfelt sympathies are sent to all those that have lost their source of livelihood as a consequence of the same. However, there was a gifted individual who once said, “Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment.”
There are various means by which one can regain their source of livelihood during this period. The key aspect would be how one changes that creative business idea into fruition. It is always a wise idea to start small then with enough effort, transform the business into something huge. Some of the creative small business ideas that one can try during this period include:
a) Online business consultancy- depending on your passion or what you are interested in, one can virtually offer services or classes of the desired topic to a group of people. The business can be based around topics such as photography, music among others.

b) Tutoring Classes- The moment the world turned digital, most activities such as schools were closed due to the fast spread of the virus. Online tuition for children or even those in College just for the rate of a small fee is a perfect idea for anyone in need of quick cash.

c) Sales or Marketing strategies – With a lot of organizations going digital as a requirement to save them from the rate the economy is declining. The basic skill required for this job is how well you relate with others, a common joke is the more talkative you are the better. Though there is a high demand for salespeople since businesses became virtual most organizations are searching for professionals.

d) Online Writing – The equivalent of blogging, most people are not only curious about how their countries are handling this but also how other countries are coping with the pandemic. As an online writer one can sell their articles or materials online in exchange for a paycheck. This creative small business idea may lead to a step into various fields such as professional writers or the publishing of your own book.

e) Delivery Services – This may seem a bit farfetched, but the online community is on the rise. The normal delivery methods may have ceased but there can be the creation of new delivery means especially due to the demand for things such as groceries. If you start small (around your area) the same may expand to something more.

f) Fitness and Exercise – If you are an exercise fanatic, this will be an easy fit. You can come up with a unique routine and teach it to people online. You will be assumed at how many people will subscribe to try. You can also create a platform that allows you to inspire others by coaching them on fitness methods.

A keystroke and a great idea are all that you require to change another person’s life and earn your source of livelihood in a method that makes you happy.

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