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Challenges Faced by Women Entrepreneurs

Women who decide to set out on entrepreneurial ventures are usually having various challenges. Unfortunately, the challenges that women entrepreneurs face are tough and very different from that of their male counterparts. Even though the world we live in today has greatly made strides in the liberation of women in various areas of the society, much still needs to be done for them to achieve parity with men.

In this article, we are going to discuss the challenges that women entrepreneurs usually face in their day to day activities. Keep reading to find out more:

Tough and stiff competition against men

Not long ago, the entrepreneurship world was a preserve that was solely left for men and they dominated it squarely. Even though the scenario is changing with now more and more women venturing into entrepreneurship, they still have a very long way to go. Now, bearing in mind statistics such as this coupled with the cultural barriers that women have to grapple with, the field remains tough for them. This is why more women entrepreneurs usually experience stress at work than men.

If you are a lady entrepreneur faced with stress and anxiety symptoms due to the nature of your profession, it is vital that you enroll for a weight loss program. Partaking in exercises has been found to greatly help reduce work-related stress.

Not enough funding available to them

Funding is the cornerstone of any business venture, however, most women do not usually have property or assets or capital cash to establish a business. This becomes worse when they are often denied loans for lack of collateral. There is a Bloomberg report that showed women who run and own businesses usually get less funding for their businesses than their male counterparts.

They have to grapple with work-life balance

The traditional role assigned to women to take care of their families is something that usually gets in the way for most women entrepreneurs. The tough work of handling a household and being subordinate to their hubbies in a marriage setting is a major culprit in anxiety and depression experienced by most entrepreneurial women.

For mothers who are working, striking a balance between work and taking care of children often drains up much of their energy and time. The result of this may end up in unfortunate circumstances where depression and stress sets in. Yet, scientific research still shows that stress and depression may cause either weight loss or weight gain. If you are that working mother experiencing weight gain due to the nature of your work, consider finding out about good weight loss tips.

Minimal or lack of sufficient education

Even though many countries have made big strides in ensuring that women get their equal and fair share of educational opportunities, women still lag behind men in education. Women entrepreneurs without proper education find it tough to compete with their highly educated male counterparts. Insufficient or lack of education makes it difficult for any entrepreneur to compete fairly in the tough business environment.

Even against the backdrop of all the challenges, there are women who still have managed to excel in the tough entrepreneurial environment. Today there are many reputable worldwide business brands that were created by women. This only means one thing – women are highly capable!

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