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2 things to know about leadership style in 2021

Your leadership style is what defines you as a leader. Everyone adopts their unique style when it comes to handling a team. Some might be empathetic, some put people first, some choose to be commanding, and some leaders force their teams hard to achieve the goal. You can inquire me what style is best suited for me as an entrepreneur, and that is what we are going to see in this article, but each leadership style has its own pros and cons. And there are no one-size fit solutions for all the problems and the same applies to your leadership style.

Are you a manager or leader?

I had two managers when I was working, both were equally talented, know their crafts, had good communication skills. But I perceived one guy as a charismatic leader and another one as a manager. In reality, one is a team leader and another guy is in fact, my manager. But I perceived my team leader as a manager because he had a unique leadership style that distinguished him from others and branded him as a leader to me. That day I found out title does not define who you are, but your attitude and behavior do.

Have you ever read Stephen R. Covey’s famous book “7 habits of highly effective people”? If so, then you would have already grasped the difference between a manager and leader.

If you don’t know, let me state it once simply here. The manager will interrogate you with a question of how, but the leader will handle you with the question of what.

From the above, you might have obtained an idea that leadership and management are the different ends from a similar line. Management is “doing things right” and Leadership is “doing the right things.”

What leadership style best suited for 2021?

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For me, the ultimate goal of leadership is to help the team grow. Nothing less! Nothing more! If you help someone grow and guide them on how it is done by doing it instead of just showing. Congratulations! You are a leader. That’s it? You can do it by showing empathy or being authoritative and that’s where your leadership style comes there to the rescue.

This is what made my team leader stand out from the crowd and he performed exactly that. He demonstrated to me how to get things achieved by doing it, and he understood the situation of others – Empathy there.

2 things to add on in your leadership style

  1. Empathy
  2. Show by doing

Hence, if you inquire me which leadership style best suits you as an entrepreneur in 2021. I would definitely recommend you to be more empathetic and demonstrate things by doing them instead of pushing things. As I said, there is no one size fit leadership style for all situations, but don’t carry forget to carry those two things that I mentioned above. Merely think of how you want to be perceived and work on it so that you will be perceived as one.

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