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10 Quick Tips for Career Women

Women are continuously moving to careers traditionally male-dominated. Traditionally, men were primary providers of income to the family. However, economic pressure and financial incentives are changing the narrative.

  1. Plan your career

Women have a whole range of issues from skill set deficit, underpayment, and financial worries, going through a divorce to feeling stuck.  Lack of career planning to transition you to the next level is one major problem a woman faces.  According to a research conducted by 3Plus, women placed career strategy and negotiation skills second compared to men who made it a top priority. Women have a passion for their work but a lot less on organizational achievement and learning. It is a familiar and it usually goes like this – “my 10 years of marriage is ending up in divorce and I am facing financial difficulties”.  You may wonder why this happening to you while you thought marriage was forever and you would be able to pick up your career in the future.

  1. Network

The word networking is exhausting. And though most women think about networking when they need something; it actually helps in building trust. Whenever you grow a network you build relationships with real people. Networking can happen in a club, grocery or online. There are informal opportunities that ladies can take advantage of, for instance, a person in your network may have knowledge of a colleague who is about to retire and the position will be up for grabs. Before even the official hiring process the contact can refer you informally. A network is a good place for knowledge share where people offer a wide range of skills and a wealth of experiences. You are looking for a job in company A but you have no idea how to start.  Go for networking!

  1. Mentorship

It is hard to navigate the politics of work without a mentor’s help. A woman can learn from a tutor’s vast experience. Wouldn’t it be great if you are working for a large company or on a big project? A mentorship program will help you navigate the layers of company politics, prove yourself and gain more support.  Women become more successful under mentorship.  Apart from helping you clarify your career aspirations, a tutor will help a woman think through what actions she needs to take to achieve her set goals. Mentorship breeds responsibility.

  1. Cultivate confidence

Cultivating self-confidence to career women is likely to lead them to achieve their career goals. Before a woman makes a move to a new career she holds back until she feels confident. Unfortunately, the waiting period means the big opportunity continue to pass.  Strictly speaking, continually assess what hurts your self-confidence so that you can overcome the personal hurdles at your place of work.

  1. Do self-promotion

Can a career woman negotiate confidently?  In some situations, you witness a man taking credit for a woman’s ideas. Self-promotion is a critical path to leadership. However, holding back does not achieve anything. Your performance will not speak for itself but your ability to do self-promotion.

Finally, a woman needs to raise her hands for tougher looking opportunities ifshe want to move up. Believing in abilities in is one way to the top.

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