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Gaming Platform at Khaleej Times?

KT and Gamez are aiming to host the largest annual e-sport tournaments in the Middle East. Plans are also underway to form a national e-sports team.

The top UAE daily, Khaleej Times has made a partnership with the leading gaming platform Giro Gamez (part of of Giro Fintech LLC, DFIC to develop T Gamez. This is intuitive gaming platforms that come jam packed with over 200 hyper-casual games. KT Gamez is aiming to host the largest annual e-sport tournaments in the Middle East. It is also planning to form a national e-sports team.

Expected from the all new platform are games that span a wide range of genres including puzzles, arcade, education, actions, sports and racing. Every game on the platform has been thoroughly researched and developed with cutting-edge graphics, latest technologies in web, stereo sound, custom soundtracks as well as built-in power save feature. All these are designed to offer gamers thrilling entertainment that will have their adrenalines shooting high up! To allow each player to easily access a game, every title is made in lightweight fashion thus allowing minimal onboarding.  KT Gamez is going to be the only gaming platform in the UAE that will be offering prizes and rewards for the participants. Every gamer will be required to just beat the challenges and then get to enjoy lucrative rewards not found elsewhere.

Even though educational games are made to make learning to be fun, arcade games are believed to be extra exciting for users. Each user that plays puzzle games gets to experience an ultimate brain workout while the large collection of other games introduces healthy competition amongst players. Racing games are also included in the new gaming platform offering players the fun of thrilling action. As a step to specifically increase player’s motivation, KT Gamez leaderboards are designed intuitively.

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