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Skillopedia and Monica

#Monica, MarketingMonica, #SkilloMonica, Entrepreneur, #PR Monica, #Business Developer #Monica, Mom…are some of the many hats I don.
I started my career as a Marketing executive and loved the work I did. The traveling, meeting people and the challenges of the marketing world gave me unprecedented joy and fulfillment.

But life threw a curve ball at me when we had to shift base to Dubai while the world grappled with COVID-19.
Skillopaedia in Dubai was my brain child which started as a means to bridge the gap between people looking for skilled individuals, especially “homepreneurs” and the lack of proper means to connect skilled individuals with the right kind of audience.
When everyone was holed in their homes, Skillopaedia made huge strides and became immensely popular among the families of Dubai. Scores of children benefited from online classes to upgrade their knowledge and learn new skills.

Skillopedia by Monica

As the world started opening up, Skillopaedia opened its arms to bigger challenges. My core team and I started conducting business meet-ups to help share ideas and challenges between young entrepreneurs and the more seasoned ones. We also delved in Corporate Events and organised large scale events like Beauty Pageants, Exhibitions and also Children’s competitions to bring the community together.

What started as a means to help skilled women use the power of social media to share their expertise and thereby empower themselves, has now blossomed into an agency which provides one stop solution to all Social Media and Marketing needs. My team and I pride ourselves in our hard work, out of the box thinking and a never-ever-give up attitude.

We at Skillopaedia have been rather intrigued by the wholeness of the mind and the body. So 2023, we’ve also been focusing on mental health and wellness and we’ve named it “Limitless”. Running a business or being a corporate executive, health is often kept on the back burner. We’ve organised meet-ups out in the open and we practiced yoga and meditation. Yogic sessions are followed by nutritionists who discuss eating healthy and living healthy lifestyles. Needless to say, these meet ups have had overwhelming response and we’ve received so much love from the community for this endeavour.
The Dubai community has also been extremely kind to us. I have been awarded multiple times for my work as a Social Media Influencer, Skillopaedia has won Best Networking Platform and also the Best Advertising Partner to name a few. I’ve been featured in Aspire Magazine and also UAE’s leading newspaper- Khaleej Times. I’ve been lucky to be on radio shows and hosted talk shows to share my experiences. As we stand today, Skillopaedia in Dubai is 50,000+ (and counting) community across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Telegram.

It has been a labour of love, sweat and tears. I’ve been surrounded by incredible and infallible friends and family which has made this journey absolutely phenomenal. I am nothing but thrilled about what the future holds for Skillopaedia and I!

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