“My vision is to have a world full of thriving businesses” - Nataliya Interview - Stylfemina

“My vision is to have a world full of thriving businesses” – Nataliya Interview


What do your daily work for?

Nataliya, the founder of Graviteams, is a leadership and business consultant. Her noble vision is to have a world full of thriving businesses, to build a good ecosystem for encouraging new ideas, celebrating people, develop personally and professionally by delivering best value to customers.

“I believe we can get inspired always and everywhere”

What do you think of mentors?

She believes that inspiration comes from everywhere. And we have to be awake to recognize it because it might come from a little aspect. It is like an unknown guest that comes from nowhere. It could come while talking to a spouse, a friend, or a business partner. Your network is the place that one should look for inspiration, not only for Nataliya, we all seek inspiration from our network, but we don’t specify them as mentors because they could be our children or younger friends. Most importantly, they are not only the people who are experienced in your field, but also from less experience from what I do or do completely different from what we do. For Nataliya, they make her understand blind spots and make sure that the idea is understandable and viable.

“I don’t think women lack anything”

What are the attributes to become a successful women leader today?

She strongly feels “women don’t need to develop a man-like ability, to be successful, because women don’t lack anything. She also wants to bring more feminine strength to their leadership roles. It will help to be more cohesive and inclusive in work environments. Also, women need to be more confident in their own merit and there is no need to adopt a man-like behavior to become successful.

“Women need to bring more compassion, even more intuition, and patience”

What qualities are lacking among today’s women leadership?

Nataliya thinks that women need to bring more compassion, even more intuition, and patience. If women manage to bring these qualities to their leadership roles, there will be a great contribution to business growth. Not only that, but it will also bring in a good organizational culture. All she can say is, women should not compete with men but complement each other in business growth.

“I usually have too many. One of them is growing my brand”

Nataliya is ambitious on her tech startup and very keen on growing Graviteams. As a mother and a wife, she is also looking to crush her personal goals as well alongside professional commitments.

She is not proud of one particular thing, after moving from Germany to Dubai in 2020, that there are things that people are willing to learn from her, she was only learning in Germany, but things are different in Dubai as she also helping others to learn. She is really proud of that to provide value to others and seeing them learn and grow personally and professionally.

“Embarking entrepreneurial journey was risky”

What is the most important risk you took and why?

Stepping out of the corporate world and embarking entrepreneurial journey is risky. The risks are not only about finance. It requires you to be a different person than you were used to. Always the opportunities do not come in your way, people have to work hard to land in that. Mostly it is unfolded, but lucky are the ones who have family and friends support. 

“I am a life-long learner and welcome every opportunity to learn”

In order to develop as a good leader, Nataliya believes one has to be a lifelong learner and open-heartedly welcome every opportunity to learn.  The important thing is to come out of your comfort zone. For her, it is not learning by doing, usually, she knows what she does, but she is always keen on taking the doing to the next level.

To keep motivated in a knee-jerking moment, one should rely on trusted people around them like family and friends. It helps women leaders to get a different perspective to see things in a different light to find out better solutions. Always learn from your mistakes.






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