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Meet with one of the top Insurance Icons from Egypt – Amany Elmahy

Meet with one of the top Insurance Icons from Egypt – Amany Elmahy, the executive officer in Misr Insurance Company.

“If women representation improves in roles that are closer to value creation, then equity would seem to be a more achievable goal” – Says Amany Elmahy – Female Icon in the world of Reinsurance.

 About Amany’s Career:

Amany Elmahy has succeeded in making a powerful name in Insurance and Reinsurance industry with her commendable performance as an executive officer since last thirty-two years. She has served the industry for more than three decades, deploying her vast experience, technical knowledge in insurance and reinsurance as well as marketing skills to meet with various professional requirements and challenges successfully. She is the international arbitrator at AAU and consultant for International Diplomatic Relations “AAU”, – Council of Economy Unity – League of Arab States- The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

But her work goes beyond the field of insurance as she makes her impact in the International Law and Diplomatic Counselor Relations and Arab Women Leadership; She takes lead in providing consultation to women facing any legal issues. She is the member of Afro-Asian Union for International Law and Dispute Settlement where she consults with corporate worldwide to prevent financial crime and ensure corporate compliance.

Amany’s View on Financial Stability:

Financial stability for a woman is like wings for a bird, it gives her freedom and make life great. Independent women can easily rise above the ordinary, be themselves, foster healthy mindset and beat the bias. Amany says, “Working toward financial security means, need to deprive yourself – from the luxury of spending more: you will have to control expenses, impulsive financial decisions and focus on striking a balance in habits. A strong woman may easily do that because she knows it is for the best future”.

Amany share a few ways of striking this balance, she ticks them off as follows:

  • Track your spending
  • Do not spend more than you earn
  • Say no to borrowing to finance your lifestyle
  • Set realistically achievable goals
  • Focus on growing more financial literacy
  • Do not leave money on the table
  • Always take calculated financial risks

These seven ways shall always keep you financially secure.

Amany states, “A woman should keep in mind that the macroeconomy is closely related to the individual financial stability. It matters when you are a part of a very stable financial system. This is because a stable financial system is capable to efficiently allocating resources, assessing, and managing financial risks, maintaining and recreating employment levels close to the economy’s natural rate, and eliminating relative price movements of real financial assets that will affect monetary stability or employment levels. Therefore, for a better financial life, choose to live in a financially stable economy or at least prefer it. It will allow you to be a well-equipped woman entrepreneur (should you choose to be), who helps in opening newer growth avenues bringing about positive outcomes for the economy”.

A Woman Must Target Financial Independence:

Amany believes every woman should aim at sustaining financial independence and growing her wealth because it builds self-esteem, boosts confidence, makes her self-reliant, enjoy her own individual identity and prevent abuse as an independent woman can easily walk out of an abusive relationship. If a woman is not financially independent, she will find it difficult to make her own choices and decisions because those who control her finances will control her choices. When a woman is responsible for her own finances, she is free to choose for herself.

“As a woman, you deserve and should earn your own money, be financially be independent as a lady and you will be grateful” – Says Amany Elmahy.

Amany Elmahy’s Achievements:

Amany Elmahy, a leader in the world of finance and reinsurance boasts of many achievements. She was shortlisted for the general secretariat of the General Arab Federation (GAIF) – First Egyptian Lady for this position. She has been the board member of Arab Reinsurance company, Lebanon; Credit Agricole Bank, Egypt; and The Egyptian Media Production City based in Egypt. She has strategically structured and formed strategies for Misr Insurance company and its overseas branches in Kuwait, Qatar, and Dubai as a CEO. She has also automated systems for these branches both technically and financially. She is also revered for activating Miscellaneous Accident Policy for the Egyptian Community in Kuwait, and achievement that comes from her heart.

Her extended professional performance at the Misr Insurance Company include upgrading systems in low performing branches, creating growth policies, supporting growth culture and vision, fostering sustainable growth drive across all branches, business expansion planning for this corporate resulting in 120 branches in Egypt and 3 overseas branches with +2000 employees each, and ensuring the successful completion of a project for structuring an institutional development of Misr Insurance Company with a major German Company – Simon Kucher Partners. Apart from serving as a renowned member of the Arab Reinsurance Association, she has the honor of among the best female reinsurance leaders in the Middle Eastern region.


Amany Elmahy

next Five Years per her plan:

Here is her next five year plan:

  1. She plans on establishing and consolidating the principles and foundations of the reinsurance profession and teaching it to new generations
  2. She wants to move forward by developing oil and gas insurances and industry innovations to keep pace with mega projects in the Middle East and my country, Egypt, as well as raising awareness of risks and alternatives that we need in the future, except for black gold.
  3. She wants to build Egyptian talent pipeline in Cyber Security leaded by a new generation Female & Male armed by digital innovation.
  4. She also wishes to create a culture that craves success through integration of technology and innovation in transformational business models.

 Special message for our readers:

“Women le

ader should be bold and brave in the face of fear and challenge. They must leave their comfort zone and walk an extra mile to stand out. They should embrace meaning goals, have equality mindset and recognize their natural leadership style”.

Get in touch with Amany Elmahy:

LinkedIn: @amany-elmahy


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