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Guest Post Submission Guidelines

We are excited to announce that is now open to receiving blog posts by guest bloggers and writers. We believe in hosting a wide varieties of views and opinions, and hope to offer a platform for writers of all skill levels—yes, that includes writers with zero experience—to share their ideas, visions and thus gain recognition in the wider world because of them.

Anyone is allowed to submit a guest post provided they follow some basic conventions in addition to the specific guidelines mentioned below.

  • The articles should be well-written: adhering to good grammar and spelling rules.
  • The topic you select must be relevant to the main theme and purposes of our website. Please browse through Stylfemina to get a general idea of the kind of content we prefer. You may choose to write for any of our categories. The Categories are showing in the main menu of our website.
  • Your content must be unique and informative precise in stating its purpose; don’t use vague ideas
  • We prefer making articles as reader-friendly as possible, so try to avoid difficult sounding technical or academic jargon, and use clear and concise headings and even bullet points where necessary.
  • Please write about your own original thoughts and opinions; even if it is an opinion about someone else’ ideas. Don’t simply restate someone else’s thoughts.
  • The main body of the text ought to be at least 400 words long.
  • We highly recommend using relevant images to furnish an article. A rough guide is 2-3 images for every 600 words.
  • Please properly cite any material that is not your own to its source; this includes any images you may use.

More Guidelines as per 2022 policy:

1. Contributors must share the topic and outline of articles with editorial team before writing the content. We have various categories in the magazine, kindly check at
2. After topic approval the contributors must craft fresh and content with latest information for the audience. It should not have been published anywhere else.
3. The content has to be between 400 to 600 words.
4. Contributors can contribute with articles only. Interviews and profile oriented promotional content will not be accepted as it cannot be published for free.
5. Contributors must share well-crafted content which is in English language and free of any grammatical errors and mistakes.
6. All content provided has to be original and free of plagiarism
7. We will create the contributor’s profile in the website depending on their intent or duration of affiliation with us, the profile will not be deleted later on. However, if a contributor does not wish to have a profile, admin will have the right to publish it from any author profile available in the website.
8. Editors reserve the right to select the contributors’ contents that should be or should not be included in the print version of the magazine.

With reference to our guest posting rules, Stylfemina reserves the right to reject any article for any reason it deems appropriate. However, we want to reassure our potential guest writers that any decision concerning rejection or acceptance will solely be in line with our website’s purpose, our writing guidelines and the relevance, uniqueness and quality of the writer’s work. Your work is far more likely to be approved for publication with the following advice in mind.

  • Keep on message. We ensure that only highly informative content gets approved, so do no meander off-topic in the middle of the text.
  • Do not write on a topic that has already been covered by another article on this website.
  • We take articles that use authentic and prestigious works as references far more seriously for acceptance. However, be sure not to simply duplicate the content of the source. Even if you rearrange the words, your article will not likely be accepted.
  • Use anecdotes and widely understood examples to relate to your readers and allow them to understand your ideas better.
  • Make sure you know who your readers are so that your article is designed to their needs. For example, writing on video game addiction will likely appeal to a 12-40 year old male readership.
  • Make sure you are not violating any copyright laws when using multimedia sources.
  • Promotion of self or some product in the article without any relevance to its topic will be immediately rejected.
  • You are not allowed to provide a link to your own blog. Such articles will come under the category of sponsored blogs, and will follow different guidelines. There will be publication charges for articles that are submitted for the purpose of link building.

Potential guest writers are also reminded that the articles they submit become an asset of stylfemina and we exercise copyrights of that article. We will freely edit, with the author’s consent, any aspect or rephrase any content we deem unsatisfactory before publishing. Furthermore, once published, the article will not be posted on any other publication—electronic or physical.

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