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Hydrate Your Skin This Summer – Profhilo Skin Treatment

Lucia Clinic has Profhilo as the RIGHT skin treatment for super supple and healthy skin for summer.

Dr. Radmila Lukian is the chief physician at Lucia Clinic. She is the skin expert that strongly believes in helping her clients in coping with skin, hair and nail conditions. She has always been attracted towards aesthetic medicine. She is a PhD in dermatology from European university and has been dedicated towards this field for the most part of her life. Her clinic Lucia has been inspired by the concept of light, brightness and health. Here new medical technology is used for aesthetics to help the residents of Dubai and the UAE sustain the beauty of their skin.

Profhilo treatment relies on a hyaluronic acid oriented product that has been prepared without chemicals cross-linking agents (BDDE). This treatment is apt for summer as it allows to treat skin laxity and improve tissue quality. It is better than all other dermal filler procedures. It rejuvenates skin and considerably treats fine lines. Wrinkles disappear. The summer glow sustains itself. This is nothing less than a revolutionary skin anti-ageing medicine.

This Hydrating Skin Treatment for Summer differs from dermal fillers as it augments the natural face structure rather than restricting the moisture and uplift to any specific area of the face. It relies on hyaluronic acid, while, dermal fillers depend on many other components. It blends into the skin as it is made from natural skin products. It increases firmness and elasticity of the skin apart from ensuring hydration and texture. The effects of Profhilo treatment last for six months. Clients usually have to undergo two treatment session with a 30 day gap. This is for people above the age of 30 and it helps in controlling the aging process.

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