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Best Summer Beauty Products to avoid Toxicity

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With summer at our doors it’s important to care for our skin and retain the natural glow. We all love the sunny days and the vacation plans in our pots. Best to keep your beauty range minimal as its too hot for everything. Hydrate yourself as much as you can and avoid direct exposure to the sun at its peak hours. I am aware of the fact that it’s quite hot for any extras on our skin; hence, here are some great options to avoid toxic beauty products:

Use A Self-Tanner For Pale Skin

If you are too pale, a self-tanner will add more color to your body skin in your best bikini. You may go for the non-toxic tanner by Organic Pharmacy. Its natural ingredients make it gentle on your skin. It is 100% friendly to your skin’s natural freshness and glow. It will blend with your skin fast, will have lovely smell of citrus and will prevent dehydration of your skin. You will have smooth and supple skin even when the tanner is developing in three hours for a subtle tan.

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Use Face Mist to Hydrate

I know we are all drinking a lot of water and other drinks to sustain our freshness and keep ourselves active. A good way to retain freshness on you face is through splashing face mist. It prevents drying out of the skins especially when you are out in the open. I prefer to have face mist in my car, my beach bag and even one in my gym bag throughout summer. I have quite a few recommendations for this: you may use face mist by Nucifera is amazing; Moroccan rose water Kahina is a great choice too. If you have difficulty in finding these in stores nearby, feel free to place online orders. In other case, you may use regular rose water available in your locality as a consistent face mist as well.

911 - Best Summer Beauty Products to avoid Toxicity

Use Scrubs rich in Vitamins:

If you scrub your skin with Indie Lee Coconut Citrus Scrub it will keep your skin glowing without a doubt. I love it because of its soft hydrating blend of lemon grass with jojoba, lemon balm, coconut extracts and vanilla. It does not have any toxic chemicals. It will add glow to your soft skin while exfoliating gently. It tops off my Non-toxic beauty products range this summer. Try it and see the effect for yourself. I am sure you will love it!

568 - Best Summer Beauty Products to avoid Toxicity


Although I do not use highlighters quite often but relying on one in summer is a great idea. Swipe a little of your highlighter down your nose, over cheeks and atop your brow bone for a cool look near the pool or at the beach. Eye Polish by RMS is available at Sephora, and is pretty affordable if you are budget conscious. Eye polish by RMS offers many different shades, such as embrace, solar, lunar, myth and aura choose the one that appeals best to you! I love solar, lunar and myth. Here is a video to help you use eye polish.

Natural Mineral Sunscreen

Choosing a good sunscreen is the toughest decision every summer. I strongly believe that a non-chemical antioxidant sunscreen could be good option. You may use Suntegrity Skincare Natural Mineral Sunscreen for body, SPF 30. You may also try Derma E Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30, with Vitamin C and Green Tea. It is nanoparticle free and offers skin friendly broad spectrum sun protection for a younger supple skin.

377 - Best Summer Beauty Products to avoid Toxicity

With these skin care products you may enjoy summer without worrying about skincare issue.

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