Nousheen Mukhtar, Author at Stylfemina

Author: Nousheen Mukhtar

Nousheen a passionate writer who has been writing Poetry, Articles, Novellas and Literary Reviews. She is a Digital Branding Entrepreneur who helps companies and individuals connect, share ideas, innovate and ensure powerful strategy implementation in Business development and marketing. She is the owner of Buraq Media FZ LLC and Yes Gulf, catering to personal branding, corporate branding, brand positioning, advertising, publishing, public relations, and digital marketing as part of their clients' business journey. She manages the fastest growing business community named YesGulf Community in the UAE. She has managed several workshops for content managers and writers during her career where she has enabled professionals in devising innovative strategies related to industries such as Tourism, Medicine, Education and Branding. She has also been lecturing in National Academy of Management Education (NAME), Academic City, about Events and Brand Management.

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