Anita Milovac

Author: Anita Milovac

Anita milovac is a sensual confidence expert who studied nlp, somatic coaching and tantric healing. Through her content and programs, she motivates thousands to experience epic sensual pleasure and live their life in full authenticity of who they are, away from their inherited traumas and old belief systems. She has worked for over 13years as a project manager on an international level, until she decided to completely follow her purpose. Anita has been devotedly studying human behavior and tantra for 5 years while combining mystical practices with coaching methods that work with the most up-to-date scientific approaches to healing trauma and transforming the nervous system. Her programs have taught so far over 2000 women the unique process of using breath, sound, movement, meditation and energy awareness to awaken the kinf of incredible experiences you think about at your moment of death. Anita believes that every single part of us is worthy of love. She is here to guide you back to your fullest, most brilliant self on a path of love and celebration and outrageously amazing pleasure. Originally from croatia, anita grew up in germany and has been living in dubai for the past 12 years, working online and face to face with her clients. Email: LinkedIn: @Anita Milovac Facebook: @ Anita Milovac Instagram: @anita__milovac YouTube: @The Sensual Confidence Empire by Anita Milovac

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