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Author: Afroze Charania

Afroze Charania is originally from Pakistan and considers herself as a true Karachite! She currently lives in Atlanta, United States and works in a local nonprofit. She has a diverse background with two Masters degrees and some blogging experience. She is also an avid supporter of “ice-cream does not have calories” movement. Her ultimate guilty pleasure is watching Doctor Who while eating Biryani!
multitasking blues

Multitasking Blues

One of the perks of being a part of this conceptual age is being connected 24/7. Thus, consciously or unconsciously we are multitasking through our …

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action adult adults 1077469 600x338 - Can Men and Women be friends?

Can Men and Women be friends?

One of my all-time favorite chick flicks is When Harry met Sally. This movie hilariously shows heterosexual men and women cannot be friends because “the …

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Feminism for all the genders

A few days ago, I had an intriguing conversation with a friend/occasional frenemy. He and I have had countless debates about feminism in the past. …

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Measures of Success

I often wonder if I am truly successful in life? Sure, I am educated and have a sound future ahead of me. I am smarter …

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