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forever 21 - FOREVER 21 and Bankruptcy

FOREVER 21 and Bankruptcy

Forever 21, the popular teen fashion empire has filed for bankruptcy in the US resulting in the closure of several of its stores including quite …

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adult beautiful casual 2816756 600x338 - Must-haves for Summer

Must-haves for Summer

Summers in some countries are a treat. However, in the UAE summers start as early as April and can be quite unpleasant at times. In …

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presentation 600x338 - How Does Self-Motivation Work?

How Does Self-Motivation Work?

What is self-motivation? In simple explanation, self-motivation is the force that drives a person to do things. The explanation of what self-motivation is remains a …

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women at work 600x338 - Reduce Gender Wage Gap

Reduce Gender Wage Gap

Women have struggled with gender discrimination over the years to get where they are today. And while reforms have helped stem out discrimination against women …

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