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Portrait Art Wins!!!

I will repeatedly ask my fellow artists and aspiring artists this question: what is your favorite art style?

If you are from the millennial and z generation many would be familiar with the portrait picture that you capture on smartphones. Typically, after the evolution of this portable device, this picturization becomes completely known to everyone.

Directly coming back to the question (I would usually go back and forth, don’t mindJ)

Many of them will mention something they admire the most. For me, portrait art is one of my favorite as an artist. What is so fascinating about that style? It can be a sculpture, a painting, any form of a picture, or any form of representation of a person, in which face is the core theme.

What kind of photos do you capture in portrait mode?

Of course, you will focus on the face (if you are like me.J)

Even if you don’t like portrait art is all about focusing on the face.

I think you would have guessed what I am going to talk about.

It’s PORTRAIT art style… (I know that you knew it already)

What is portrait art style?

Have you ever been to Art Dubai?  If so, you would have seen many portrait arts collections there. Portrait art is not necessarily a painting, like I said before it could be of anything like pictures that you capture using your phone. BUT THE MAIN FOCUS IS THE FACE!!! You can ask me, it was the one you told me above, so what? I would like to remind it again so that you will never forget it and can tell anyone what this art style is all about even if someone wakes you from sleep.


Do you know portrait art is considered both public and private? In those ancient days, private art was reserved for the royal families and public art reflected on the values and religious stuff.

Ok, enough of the boring Google thing!!!

Let’s spice up and make things interesting…

Have you heard of Mona Lisa Painting? I bet you have heard of it.

What will you first notice in that picture? Of course, anyone will answer it: it is her face that everyone will notice first. And the painting is famous for that reason. Her beautiful face!!! If I have to simplify things, it is one of the best examples of portrait art style. What was the main focus? Her face!!! PERIOD!!! (I don’t want to confuse you by giving technical termsJ)


Jokes apart!!! Let’s come back to the matter because I know it is quite serious!!! Portrait art is one of the famous art styles that many artists use on a day-to-day basis. It is like you capture a photo of your face or someone’s face. Yes! Everyone’s main focus is to capture the beautiful face and that’s what this portrait art is all about…








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