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Fame in Portrait Painting – Famous Artist in Dubai

What makes an artist famous?

More than 200 years ago, artists enjoyed popularity and prestige for their painting and drawing. Today, there is no proper definition of what passes as art.  Moreover, artists have their work in numerous galleries worldwide. Every artist knows that the most talented and creative artist may not necessarily be a famous artist with the best portrait paintings. Some artists do great work but never known beyond their circles or collectors. It’s natural to want to become a famous painter. If you are still on the fence wondering how to become well-known for your portrait paintings, let’s dig a little deeper and find out how.

Art with a purpose

As an artist, Suzi Nassif is a replication of all the places stitched to her past: She was a young Lebanese woman in the period of civil war. The root of Suzi’s art life now makeup a swirling, cultural stew that she is endlessly exploring. Every artist has a little critic living inside them. It’s no doubt they want to create something that everyone will love. Create your artwork with someone or something specific in your mind. When you crowdsource your ideas, most of the abstract art Dubai will look the same. You don’t choose fame it just happens. Remember to do good portrait paintings that you make you feel great. A deeper understanding of the craft enables an artist to communicate their ideas to the audience.

Consistency in producing portrait paintings

The artistic journey of Suzi Nassif during her 33-days of horror led her to succeed. She continued to paint endlessly.  In February 2015, she decided to hold a solo exhibition expressing the comedies and tragedies in her life. She believes local is the place to start. Famous artists like Picasso, Warhol, and Da Vinci consistently created quality and quantity work. Abstract art Dubai galleries help painters in Dubai have an international presence.

Authenticity and fame in the art

In contemporary culture, an artist’s passion and commitment drive the consumers’ perception. The consumers value the person behind a piece of artwork and effects the behavior intents. Find your style that’s what stands between you and the famous.

Addressing the feelings of people

Artists contribute to the overall health and well-being of our society. Through their creative works, they inspire and give joy to society. Pablo Picasso once declared that art is not for decorating apartments but an instrument of war against the enemy. They push communities to engage with the political class thoughtfully. Artwork can revolutionize how society thinks about social issues and politics. An artist’s feeling towards a mom, dad, or siblings creeps into their work. When an artist feels strongly about something they can express it in paint or sculpture form.

Verbal descriptions

Provocative descriptions are essential components of a piece of art. Formal descriptions taught in art schools do not translate well to the ordinary person. An artist must make the viewer not only feel through the work but also through the words. Assume the average person is blind incapable of seeing shadows, words will help describe the mood of our art.

All in all, most artists shy away from using the word famous but prefer that their portrait paintings be well-known. It is natural to yearn for fame. If you are a famous artist, it means viewers like what you are doing. Art sparks conversations.



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