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Art should not limit itself to a single medium, Says Suzi Nassif

Facets of Reality has been a recent development in the artworks of the world-famous artist, Suzi Nassif. It is a unique series of art with her paintings from Distorted Reality series on ceramic plates. Suzi is a versatile artist who has been using various mediums for her art. Canvas is not the only means of creating art. In the past, she launched wearable art featuring a series of her paintings about the themes of Farida Kahlo and Salvador Dali. She also has a line of cushions for home décor with her art. Her murals are in various destinations in Dubai including Jumeirah Beach Dubai and Coya Restaurant Dubai.

facets of reality by suzi nassif

Facets of Reality include selected art from her works in Distorted Reality series such as “Windmills of My Mind”, “Embrace”, and “Lend Me Your Ear”. Embrace encourages the audience to accept reality and be who they are in the present. Windmills of my mind refers to the mental health turmoil resulting from the global pandemic of 2020. Grow Flowers in Your Brain is a beautiful piece of art that reveals the beauty of imagination and encourages the audience to delve deep into the imaginary world to experience beauty and pleasure.

Suzi Nassif’s art experienced a paradigm shift after the Coronavirus pandemic. It reveals the shallowness of the modern society’s materialism and points towards the importance of peace and mental wellness. Suzi Nassif presents reality in the most subtle way to her audience. Her choice of vibrant colors and distorted shapes blends her powerful message of the way the pandemic distorted human reality and reshaped human needs. She is a true contemporary artist with a powerful message for her fans.

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